Sinfully delicious.

Hand pressed. Holy. Regional. With the highest degree of drinkability – 100% firlefanzfrei.

Since 2012, we have been pressing and refining hand-picked apples from our gardens. We cultivate the trees and celebrate the fermentation process. We turn deliciously sweet apple juice into one-of-a-kind apple wine. Always new, always different, and guaranteed without sulfur. In our own wine cellar, we improve our "holy" apple wine to guarantee a unique, regional cultural heritage with the highest degree of drinkability. Gold in the glass and gold for our throats.



ADAM unicus

These varietal apple wines are literally one-of-a-kind. They are pressed from a single type of apple. The godfathers of good taste – 100% firlefanzfrei.




The apple must be in love. These bottle-fermented apple wines are a celestial combination of hellish delicious apples from our gardens. Refined with a drop of pear or quince – 100% firlefanzfrei.




Made from the best that our gardens have to offer. This bottle-fermented apple wine is a heavenly combination of hellish delicious apples with a natural sparkle. It's a taste of paradise – 100% firlefanzfrei.



Sünde novo

Forbidden tasty. This sparkling apple wine is hand-shaken and a seduction from the glass. Helping Eva win over every Adam – 100% firlefanzfrei.